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The most current release of newsbeuter is version 2.9. It was released on Feb 19, 2015. You can download it here:

Changes In This Release:

2.9 (2015-02-19):
	Fix custom keybindings in tag and filter selection dialogs (fixes #78).
	Fix incorrect reloading of tags after editing the urls file.
	Catch an exception that might be thrown by the "killfile" function.
	Don't override feed titles for hidden feeds.
	Fix dumpconfig.
	Add support for FeedHQ (
	Fix missing variable in log output (fixes #124).
	Fix type of configuration variables to path where appropriate (fixes #125).
	Update to Brazilian Portuguese translation (fixes #126).
	Fix crash when GUID is lost (fixes #127).
	Fix dependency check (fixes #132).
	Fix segfault in jump_to_next_unread_item (fixes #133).
	Change code base to C++11.
	Don't render inline images (fixes #154).
	Fixed bug where feeds would appear empty due to variable shadowing issue.

A complete list of all changes in this and previous releases can be found here.

Previous Releases

newsbeuter in various distributions

If you don't want to build newsbeuter by yourself, you can use pre-built binary packages for various Linux distributions and other Unix-like systems. Please note that I don't maintain these packages, and so I cannot guarantee that they work correctly!

If you know of packages for any other Linux distributions (or other Unix-like systems), please let me know!