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The feed list lists all subscribed feeds and additional information, such as the number of total and unread articles and the feed title. The numbers on the left side help with direct navigation, i.e. a user can directly jump to a list entry by the number (see the documentation for more information) feed list
When a user opens a feed, he is presented with the article list, which lists a feed's articles. As before, additional information, such as the date and time of publication, the "uread" status and the title are listed. article list
Since newsbeuter allows a user to save an article to the filesystem, it also comes with a save dialog that allows both direct entering of a filename including a path or a manual navigation through the filesystem. save dialog
Newsbeuter, as a modern text application, is capable to handle multiple character sets and languages. As shown on this screenshot, it can easily can Japanese RSS feeds. Newsbeuter itself was also translated to more than 10 languages, including languages such as Russian and Chinese (Simplified). Internationalization
Even color customization is available in newsbeuter. This allows every user to customize the newsbeuter color scheme to his personal preferences. Colors